Pindos mountains is the classic trekking destination of Greece. We are local guides with a long experience in organizing and running various trekkings (guided & self guided) for small groups and individuals. The main section of this website is the Pindos forum, an open message board with tons of informations on our mountains and the surrounding area. If you still have not found what you are looking for, feel free to send me your inquiries.

Dragonlake oktober

dragonlake in oktober 2008A gallery made of photos taken during an autumn hike (Oktober 2008) to the Dragonlake and Gamila 1 peak.

Pindos mountains topo maps

Currently, the best available maps for the Greek mountains are the ones published by the Greek cartographic company Anavasi. The following maps cover the most popular trails in the north Pindos mountains.


- Mt Smolikas topo 1: 25 000

- Mt Smolikas - Mt Grammos 1:50 000

 - Zagori 1:50 000

Shepherd's photo

shepherd pindosSearching on Flickr I have found this beautiful HDR photo. A shepherd with his horse up on the mountains of South Pindos.

Bus to Pindos area (Ioannina)

KTEL is the main bus company in Greece. They operate the various bus schedules that connect Ioannina (the capital of Epirus district) with many other Greek cities and towns.

Athen - Ioannina price 33Eur one way, KTEL do not offer return tickets for this line!
Athens - Ioannina: several buses from 07.00 to 22.00 trip 6.5hrs
Ioannina - Athens: severall buses from 07.00 to 24.00 trip 6.5hrs

Zagori, Images of A Greek Heritage

zagori photo book, by costas zissisCostas Zissis (, a local landscape prof. photographer, has published his new photo - book about Zagori.




Featured accommodation

Hotel Monodendri in the village of Monodendri - Zagori